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The Beers prospects heading into the 2017 season looked promising. With new recruits like the young southpaw, Ethan Garry , and Stanford grad, Chris Jenkins. 

Ethan Garry 's arm strength and off speed pitches have proven to be affective weapons on the mound, but his stamina and forearm fatigue becomes a growing concern for The Beers. Ethan's first outing was encouraging, but resulted in a loss. In Ethan's next performance he allowed one earned run after pitching five solid innings. Let's hope his arm strength continues to grow, and we see more performances like that one in The Beers future.

Chris Jenkins came in as a recruit from Stanford University. The 6'7" strikeout machine was rated the No. 12 prospect by Baseball America following his summer performance for Holyoke in the New England Collegiate Summer League. Unfortunately, Chris passed on the opportunity to play for The Beers, and is taking the 2017 season to play Tennis.

Though The Beers off season was productive they acquired David Sanchez from the NY Patriots, Anderson Herrad from the NY Roughriders, they still had "The Veteran" Victor Rivera , "The Human Torch" Ryan Smith , "The Side Winder" Pete Darling , "Who Said Pitchers Can Hit" Eric Weber , Brian "You Want Some" Moore , and "Mr Business" Aaron Sarfatti .

  1. April 22, 2017
    at Downtown Bulls (1-2)
  2. April 30, 2017
    at. NY Roughriders (3-0)
  3. April 9, 2017
    vs. Gotham Bats (4-0)
    L 5-6 | L 8-6
  4. April 16, 2017
    vs. NY Tigers (4-1-1)
    L 6-9 | T 6-6

Beers go flat after the 5th
The Beers found goose eggs in the win columns of their baskets on Easter Sunday. The Tigers pawed out a 9-2 victory in game one as The Beers starting pitcher struggled to find a rhythm.

Game two was flawless by Ryan Smith, setting The Beers up with a 5-0 lead after the 5th. Once again The Beers bullpen struggles, allowing 6 runs in two innings. The game ends in a 6-6 tie. "There should be no tying in baseball?!" 
PREVIEW: New York Beers vs. Gotham City Bats
Ryan Smith and Aaron Sarfatti look to continue how they started off the season. A very strong Gotham Bats team is next. The last time these two teams met was May of 2016 and the Bats swept the series 2-0. The Beers, Victor Rivera, pitched an incredible 1 run game but fell short, being shutout in game one by Benjamin Strack. Game two seemed more productive for the Beers at the plate, but wasn't enough to compete with the Bats 12 runs.

April 2017, should lead to another great matchup between these teams. Tim Hobbs will look to go head to head against the Bats ace pitcher, Benjamin Strack.
K-K-K-K-K-Keep them
Ryan Smith strikes out 11 batters in 5 innings pitched. What a performance by the leagues best pitcher. Can he get any better?!
Victor Rivera recaps his epic game, hospital visit
Following the holiday break, Victor Rivera helps the Beers route the other team with a loss. A major game at the plate for Victor, and can he keep this performance up during the season?
IPA: Inferior Performance Apathy for the Beers
Video analysis of the devastating Beers loss last weekend. 

See it here: